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Summer vay-cay

I'm finally finished with school!

I taught my last English class this past Thursday. Whew!  Did I have final exams you ask? Did I have to grade papers for each of my 300 students??

Fortunately, no.  My boss (a silly little Chinese lady, English name Julia, who hears fake eye lashes and carries a cell phone with a five inch teddy bear swinging off the side) advised me not to give final exams because that would require “too much work”. So for my own personal free entertainment, I split my classes into groups and assigned final presentations!

There was no scope given for presentation topics, but each topic had to be approved by yours truly, duh. The only strict requirement was that each presentation must remain under 15 minutes.

Here are some shots of my students in action!

The freshman below presented a re-enactment of Little Women.


This is a close up of Sunny (English name, obvs) and her evil mustache.  Her mustache is made of two leaves and two pieces of tape.


These are some of my sophomores. They did a segment on sign language and the climax of their presentation was a signed song performance. Napolean Dynamite anyone??


Looking good ladies!


The group of freshman below did a re-enactment of love scenes from the movie Titanic.  The girl standing on the chair with her arms out was Rose, the girl behind Rose on the chairs acted as Jack, and the two girls standing on the right in front of Jack and Rose simulated the wind with large pieces of cardboard. 

"I'm flying Jack!!"

The entire class was in tears we were laughing so hard, but the actresses were able to keep straight faces and finish up. A+


This next group presented the life history of Coco Chanel.


This next group also chose to present love scenes from Titanic (different class).  The boy photographed below, English name Bloom, was Rose.


The girl behind Rose acted as Jack. 


Below is a presentation of a traditional Chinese wedding.  The bride has her face covered, and is sitting next to the "bridegroom".  The girl standing on the right was the matchmaker.


Harry Potter? Is that you??

Over and Out,
An American Girl in China


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