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Nantong City, Jiangsu

Notice anything interesting about this photo?


Here's a closer look:

Ummmm. HEY GUY. You might want to think about not napping with your leg hanging out over the side of the road.  Call me old fashioned, but that right there sir, is risky behavior.


Street in Nantong:


Before most big construction projects begin, a wall is put up around the site.  Sometimes the wall is made of bill board sized advertisements showcasing what is soon to come, but most of the time, brick walls are put up.  I have witnessed an entire brick wall, laid by hand, go up in two days including the white plaster looking stuff they put over the bricks (shown in the above and below pictures).  After the construction is finished, the wall is torn down.  For some reason, there was a gaping hole in this wall so I snapped a quick pic inside. Uh oh!! Sneaky sneaky American!


This next picture is a usual site.  I have to actively remind myself that this type of behavior is not normal in my own native society. 


Where is the red flag on the back of those beams??? I don't think those are the appropriate length for reasonable motorcycle cargo. 

Most landscaping along the roads and in front of buildings is given regulation sizes so there is little variation in trees and bushes in any given area.  When it comes time to shape up and trim the trees, China has very interesting methods for pruning.






Over and Out,
An American Girl in China 


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