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Employee Center

Groups in my oral English classes were presented with the following scenario:

Nantong University decided to create a new center for its students. (It could be a center for sport, learning and personal development, health, relaxation, etc.) They are inviting students to submit projects and a committee will choose the winner. NTU is offering a grant of 10,000 RMB for the project, and the center will be located in the building where you are now. You must prepare a short presentation in an attempt to get the committee to choose your project. 

Here are some summaries of a few presentations.

1.       Title of Center: Paradise for Women
Presenters: (English names) Angel, Yoyo, Alice, and Melinda

In this paradise for women, there are four floors.  Each floor is dedicated to improving a different area of a woman’s life: image, temperament, ability, and psychology. All of the employees at the center will be men except on the image floor where First Lady, Michelle Obama, will guide patrons in style.   

2.       Title of Center: Wonderland

Presenters: Eva, Sky (a boy), Danny (a girl), Molly, and Wendy


Wonderland is divided into five floors. The first floor is called Orange, and here you can find many fun activities including KTV (aka karaoke, where “singing as loud as you can is very cool”)! The second floor is dedicating to relieving emotional stress. The third floor is called the “Secret Ward” where you can tell a robot all of your secrets without worrying anybody else will find out. The fourth floor is a time machine where you can “take a capsule and go visit the Qing Dynasty or shake Barack Obama’s hand”. The fifth floor is the suicide floor (I can't make this stuff up...). If you do not have the “courage to accept death, but need an outlet for depression and suicidal tendencies”, this floor is the place for you. On the suicide floor, you can jump into a tube filled with “high technology” that goes from the fifth floor to the first floor.  You can also choose what you jump into because some people might want a volcano, or the ocean, or a cliff. It’s your choice!


3.       Title of Center: Nutrition Revolution

Presenters: Sue, Clover, Cynthia, and Aveling


Nutrition Revolution is committed to improving the lives of students through health conscientiousness. There are two floors at this center: the fresh milk floor and the fresh fruit floor.  On the fruit floor, there are kiosks that sell fresh fruit, and on the surrounding walls are informative posters about the nutritional value of fruit. In order to obtain fresh squeezed juice from the Fruit Juice Kiosks (which is run by a computer), you must answer a trivia question correctly about nutrition!


A presenter, Clover, proceeded to give an example of how the Fruit Juice Computer would work. She acted as two characters: 1. the computer and 2. a patron attempting to use it. In order to designate which character she was, she taped a piece of notebook paper to her stomach with the word “computer". 


This is Clover. Look closely to see the “computer” sign.



As the “computer”, she would ask a question about fruit and immediately take the sign off to switch spots and become the patron.  She would face where the “computer” used to be and answer the question in a different voice. This act went on for about three minutes, and it was, by far, the silliest thing I have ever witnessed in a college classroom.   


4.       Title: No title given
Presenters: Juno, Fish, Skyler, Crystal

This student center is focused on providing “students a pleasing environment”. There are four sections within the center, three of which are relatively self explanatory: Music Garden, Comic Store, and Girls Heaven (a clothing exchange). The fourth section was explained as a place to go to read books, expand your mind, develop knowledge, and focus on improving your state of mind. This section of the center is called “The Mental Ward”.

Over and Out,
An American Girl in China


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